Bespoke Plastic Product Fabrication in Yorkshire

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience in bespoke plastic product fabrication behind us, we have the expertise and knowledge to meet the most specific customer requirements. We insist on excellent service from our internal and external suppliers to help ensure flexibility and responsiveness to meet your requirements. Specializing in all forms of CNC machining, fabrication, design, repair and plastic welding, we are known as the specialized plastic suppliers in the provision of cut-to-size sheet, rod and tube products in acrylic, polycarbonate and engineering plastics in both the domestic and commercial markets.

Domestic Plastic Fabrication Services

We can provide for all your domestic fabrication needs, everything from storage and pet solutions to
claddings & trims, pipes and fixtures and more.

Commercial Plastic Fabrication Services

We provide a comprehensive range of plastic parts for commercial purposes, including plastic tanks,
sheets & hose, boat tanks and cladding & trims.

Industrial Plastic Fabrication Services

We provide a wide range of industrial services covering every stage of the production process, involving bespoke machining and specialist plastic fabrication products such as plastic extraction fans, ventilation systems, moisture barriers, fume scrubbers and machine guarding.

Custom Fabrication

As a part of our bespoke plastic product fabrication services we can fabricate and
assemble high quality custom plastic parts using both standard and unique processes.

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